Embassy Officials

  Position Name



Head of Mission, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary



H.E. Ms. KAAHWA Tophace



Minister Counsellor/Accounting Officer






Counsellor/Head of Chancery



Ms. NGALONSA Evelyn Christine



Financial Attaché



Mr. EDORU Robert



Administrative Attaché




The Embassy

The Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in Tokyo, with diplomatic accreditation to Japan, South Korea and Timor Leste (“tri-State area”), has its Vision statement as: “A Secure, Peaceful and Prosperous Uganda Society” while its Mission Statement is: “To Promote and Protect Uganda’s National Interest in Japan, South Korea and Timor Leste”.

Uganda established diplomatic relations with Japan, as soon as it attained its independence in 1962; while bilateral relations between Uganda and South Korea were established in 1963. The first diplomatic Mission in Tokyo was opened in December 1973. Later in August 1987, due to constraints caused by the tumultuous situation in the country, the Embassy was temporarily closed; only to be re-opened in September 1994. Uganda Embassy in Tokyo is therefore charged with the mandate of promoting and protecting the national interest in Japan, South Korea and Timor Leste. Timor Leste was added to the zone of accreditation after its acquisition of independence in 2002.

The Embassy’s priority is on the following thematic areas: commercial and economic diplomacy; regional / international peace and security; and the well-being of our people. These areas are also in line with “Uganda Vision 2040” and the Strategic Objectives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Priority attention in the Embassy’s day-to-day work is given to the following specific actions:

  1. Promoting Commercial and Economic Diplomacy
  2. Enhancing the participation of the Diaspora in National Development
  3. Promoting International Peace and Security
  4. Strengthening the provision of Diplomatic, Protocol and Consular Services in Japan, Republic of Korea and Timor Leste
  5. Promoting Uganda’s image abroad through Public Diplomacy among other methods
  6. Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the Mission.